heather-urquhart-maydaysThe Maydays

I have been with the Maydays since 2007 as a performer and director. The Maydays are one of the top improv companies in the UK. ‘England’s vanguard of long-form improvisation’ says Jason Chin of IO. We offer brilliant, acclaimed performances and life-changing tuition in improvised comedy. Our current shows are Confessions, Guest Who tonight’s Top Story and The Fringe Show.

“...hilariously funny, each performer capitalising on their own different styles of humour to the delight of the whole audience.”
***** Three Weeks

Sometimes inspired, always great, occasional laceratingly funny, and at times deeply affecting.
*****Fringe Guru

heather-urquhart-ten-thousand-million-love-stories-smallTen Thousand Million Love Stories

A two person, multi character improvised longform with myself and improv’s answer to Hugh Grant, Jules Munns. This is a show about love, what it means and how we succeed and fail in it.

The perfect balance between realism and comedy slapstick, these two comfortably jumped from one character to another, without ever losing their flow. The show was as funny as it was impressive
Brighton’s Finest

Clever, complicated, and relevant, made by people who practise a lot, and have the kind of spirit which drives them to do what terrifies most people. Like making up an entire play on the spot. And not just a play, but an interesting creative adventurous play, that isn’t like any scripted work I’ve ever seen. Could this be the future of comedy?”
Fringe Guru



I am a cast member with Showstopper! The Improvised musical. The Showstoppers have been together since 2007 and won an Olivier award in 2016 for the West End Show – a bloomin’ fantastic thing for the whole improv community. Showstoppers are in Edinburgh every year as well as in London’s West End monthly and you’ll often see me on Tour dates as a newer cast member. Dates listed on my page when I remember to update it.

Sing itmidres-9568

A book and series of Podcasts on musical improv with Joe Samuel. Our book ‘Sing it’ is a beginners guide to musical improv and our free podcasts cover everything from interviews to improvising musical styles right through to acapella singing experiments done in the dark.

“Ms Heather Urquhart and Mr Joe Samuel are the best out there and will nurture your creative spirit”  Steve Chapman, creativity consultant



Heather as a singer

I sometimes sing with Electric Soft parade and appeared on latest  album ‘Idiots’. I also sing with The Fiction Aisleand I’m part of a doo-wop style close harmony punk trio, the New York Dollies

“Punk classics performed with ukulele, female close-harmonies, fun, wit and clever arrangements. Book ‘em.” Simon Price, Music Journalist


All in all I am a big old improv fan girl. I am a sometimes cast member with The Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure, The Playground, a co-artistic director of the Nursery Theatre and can often be found guesting in the shows of whoever will have me frankly.

If you’re interested in me coaching your troupe or want me to come play in your show then please contact me